Newburyport Youth Services


  • Overview of Organization and Services:
    Newburyport Youth Services (NYS) is a municipal department with the mission to create quality programs, events, and services for Greater Newburyport Area youth and families in safe and supportive environments that encourage growth, self-exploration, empowerment and community. NYS achieves this by applying positive youth development principles through recreation programs, youth and family support services, and cross-sector community and regional collaboration.

    The department also acts as an advocate for the youth, so that their ideas, concerns and needs are heard and addressed by the community of Newburyport. All children who attend school in Newburyport, regardless of where they live, are welcome.

    Throughout the years, NYS has repeatedly proven its agility and relevance by offering programs and services that meet the needs of, and improve outcomes for, youth and families navigating ever-changing risks and pressures. This involves continuously having a finger on the pulse of what works best to engage and empower young people, staying current on ways to effectively support youth at each developmental stage, and having the relationships to connect and deploy an extensive, cross-sector network of community partners to increase long-term, positive youth outcomes. There have been countless stories of individual success, resiliency, and support.

    Today, with astounding results, NYS provides social services and recreation programs to over 2000 youth, families, and others active in supporting youth development in Newburyport and surrounding areas. Since its inception, NYS, in conjunction with its BEACON Coalition partners, has bolstered a 25% increase in protective factors in Newburyport middle schoolers and high schoolers, as well as a decrease from 15% to 4% of youth with fewest protective factors. As a result, the majority of local youth are healthy and engaged; and those who are not have supports and services readily available..


  • Demographics Served:
    Children: 12 and under, Families, Youth: 13-18
  • City/Towns Served:
  • Types of Services Provided:
    Child Care, Youth & After-School Programs