Phinney’s Friends


  • Overview of Organization and Services:
    Phinney's (or Phinney's Friends) is a registered nonprofit that helps low-income people in Massachusetts keep their pets. Our volunteers educate pet parents, take pets to the vet, foster animals when their parents are hospitalized, walk dogs, and care for cats. Donations help us buy pet food and supplies, and assist low-income people with vet bills and boarding.

    The most common services we provide are…

    Advice to people on pet care
    Payment of impending vet bills
    Purchase and delivery of pet supplies
    In-home cat care for chronically ill pet parents (litter box changing, nail clipping, brushing)
    In-home dog care for chronically ill pet parents (walks, nail clipping, brushing)
    Pet fostering and boarding when pet parents are hospitalized
    Pet transportation for vet visits and foster situations, when pet parent in hospitalized
    Phinney’s helps pet owners in many ways. Some need regular support, some need help only once.


  • Demographics Served:
    Adults: 19+, Seniors: 60+
  • City/Towns Served:
    Amesbury, Newbury (incl. Byfield), Newburyport, Rowley, Salisbury, West Newbury
  • Types of Services Provided:
    Pet Food and Care